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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you could make up one law, that seems to be lacking in your home country, what would it be?

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15 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. LOL I am guessing you’ve seen this happening in your neighbourhood. I must agree that this kind of behavior should be punished. How can they even think it is right in any way? Here, in Montréal, there is one day every month, dedicated to big pieces of furniture disposal… But Some people just don’t care about it.

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    2. This darn near killed me! It caught my eye, my screen ended up covered in liquid that I had been preparing to swallow, and I was choking and laughing and snorting and crying! Thank you!!! I needed something so random tonight!

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      1. I absolutely adored that answer. Justice shall be swift and drastic and permanent!

        The insane part is that I actually had an answer but I now have no idea what it was! I saw her comment and all independent thought just disappeared and I think my neighbors think I was possessed for a bit. Maybe that I’m a werewolf… 😳

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      2. Mouahahahahahhahah If you are, we should know shortly, as the full moon is going to be tomorrow night. I could give you a Skype call, just to check on your whereabouts, but between your 7 jobs, you might claim that you were just out working. Great cover, Marla 😛

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      3. You straight up near killed me!

        That’s my law! At least once a day someone should attempt to kill someone else using nothing but laughter. I mean, wording would have to be adjusted for legalities of course, as manslaughter and murder are irksomely a thing. Stupid real world. They’d have to create a word… maybe. Murder by Giggles has a great ring, but Manslaughter by Guffaws sounds silly 🙃

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