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I don’t know if you’ll agree, but it seems to me that 2022, though ponctuated with random positive news, was overall a year of anger and division all around the globe.

Wars, inflation, meteorological catastrophies, international conflicts, an overdose of covid-related frustrations and political tensions (amongst others) have polarized the masses, and left us with a bitter aftertaste of the last twelve months.

It would be easy to feel powerless while facing so much negativity. And tempting to reply with more anger. But we don’t fight fire with fire, and I think that the only way to defeat this wave of agressivity, is simply to be kind.

Funny enough, my friend Anne, from the blog Horse Addict who chooses a theme word every year, has set her mind on Kindness for 2023. I certainly second that choice, and I think the world would greatly benefit from a general awakening that we all need a little more kindness, no matter where we live.

With that said, I wondered if there was an app, that could help us put thoughts into action. And you know The Internets… Of course there’s an application for that!

”BeKind” is free and easy to use. It basically offers you a kindness challenge every day. You can accept the challenge, postpone it or choose your own act of kindness.

I love it! I might not manage to fill in every challenge thrown my way, but I know that the app will motivate me to be a little kinder than I’d have been otherwise.

And I hope you’ll join in. Because a little act of kindness a day isn’t such a big chore, yet, it would make a difference in so many people’s lives.

I have created a group on ”BeKind”, called Cyranny’s Cove Kindness Club. And I’d be delighted to see hop on my kindness train. So look ”BeKind” up on your phone, tablet or computer… And come on our group to share our acts of kindness. Not to brag about how nice you are, but to encourage eachother to become better men, women and everyone in between.

Let’s make this world a better place, one little kind gesture at a time!

I believe in us, I believe in you Lovelies…

Don’t prove me wrong, pretty pretty please 😉

8 thoughts on “BeKind!

    1. Thought you might enjoy this, Anne 🙂 I try, I try… I’ve completed most challenges the app sent my way so far, and the others I’ve just postponed until I am capable of taking care of them. The world sure needs a little more kindness, and I’ll make sure to spread as much as I can 😉

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