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Do not disturb… – FFFC



The increasing rythm of Connor’s flip flops clapping against the concrete while he walked around the pool bluntly betrayed his building enthusiasm.

The bus had dropped them at the resort less than two hours earlier, but there was no time to waste. And the young dad wanted to make sure they would enjoy every minute of their seven days stay.

He had picked a copy of every offered activity brochure or pamphlet, visited all five restaurants on the site. Connor had also checked out the spa and the gym, and of course, the pavillion where the resort’s workers threw a different show, every night at 10 PM.

We’re going to have so much fun!!

His excitement had translated into a castanets-like walk when he arrived to their little cabin’s door. Struggling a bit, trying not to drop his improvised catalogue of adventures, or spill the Piña Coladas, Connor managed to let himself in.

Ola, Sweetheart!

Leaving the drinks on the kitchenette’s table, Connor spread the brochures and proudly began the lecture of his week-of-fun schedule.

I’m sorry it took me so long, but there were so many activities to choose from… So, first of all, it wasn’t easy, but I managed to book us nice dinners in all five of the resort’s ”à la carte” restaurants! Tomorrow, we’ll get to swim with the dolphins, the day after I booked us a hike in the mountains, and a massage session on the beach… Then, I thought it would be nice to go sailing on a catamaran, and the plus side is that we get to enjoy a delicious lobster meal on the boat at sunset…

Expecting an excited reaction that wasn’t coming, Connor took a pause.


Suddenly, the young man noticed that his lovely wife was nowhere to be seen.


A suddle tremmor on the couch caught Connor’s attention. Mia’s silhouette twisted and turned under a turquoise blanket.

Are you okay, Hon?

A soft whisper answered him, from under the blanket.

You remember, two years ago, when I gave birth to the twins, right?

Connor nodded.

I told you that whenever we’d get a chance to travel again, I’d want to do the things we never got to do while raising them…

The young dad nodded again.

Well, if you really love me, cancel at least half of these activities, and clear our schedule out, because I want to sleep!


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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