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Is it just me?



I’m not much into cleaning around the house.

I mean, I do the everyday ”must do” chores… Washing the dishes, cleaning clothes, taking the trash out. I do it, because I have to, but I certainly am not what we could refer to, as a neat freak.

I can very well live with a little dust here and there, and a couple of fingerprints on a window.

BUT, as you might have noticed, I never said that I didn’t like cleaning… I do enjoy it in a rather scary way.

Why then – I can hear you ask – don’t you spend all of your free time cleaning, if you like it that much?

Very interresting question, and so on point!

It took me decades to figure how I could watch an annoying spider web hanging from the ceiling, and waiting weeks to dust it off, knowing how glad I’d be went it would be gone.

And here’s the thing.

When I go into cleaning-mode, I go all in. Literally.

Let’s just walk into what I’ve done today, to give you an idea.

So, this morning, I decided that the tiles above the kitchen sink needed a little rubbing. I wanted to give them a nice shine, despite the fact that the felt temperature was just under 40 C.

So I got one Mister Clean’s magic erasers (if you like cleaning and don’t know about them… Google the product. A must have!) and started rubbing… Just about when I was done, Chéri happened to walk into the kitchen, telling me it gave the tiles a nice shine.

I should never be encouraged, when I am about to go into a cleaning maniac phase.

Being done, I looked around and thought the wooden cabinets also could use a little scrubbing, and I proceeded to do that (And shall I say that we have a lot of cabinets). While that was drying, I noticed that the door to our back balcony needed some love. But not having a bucket to dip my sponge in, I was doing (short) trips back and forth, between the kitchen and the bathroom sink, and I have a feeling that the Mister Clean fresh lemon smell inspired me, because I thought ”Might aswell take care of the bath tub… I just have to spray some Scrubbing Bubbles and later on rub a sponge over and rinse with hot water… Why not??”

Back to the back door in my kitchen, I thought that once the door was clean, I might just even things out by washing its windows too (inside and out).

This was all very satisfying, and I was starting to lose control.

So I went back to the bathroom (because… The bath tub was waiting! – stay focused!), and took care of that.

And it was time for my Big Bang Theory episodes on tv, reminding me that I needed a break (or did I?). Sitting on the couch, from the corner of my left eye, I couldn’t help staring at Freja’s cat tree, that was covered with cat hair. So during an ad break, I went seeking for rubber gloves, and started cleaning the cat tree. After taking off the equivalent of a full grown cat worth of hair (while enjoying Sheldon and Amy getting back together after a short break), I figured that I should move the (huge) cat tree to broom the dust that had accumulated around it. (Side note, I could probably sell said cat tree as brand new, if Freja didn’t like it that much)

And why not clean the wooden floor, while at it? Right. So Pinesol got involved, and it was smelling great, and I decided that I would then clean the wall, because, we don’t move the cat tree ever so often.

Big Bang Theory was over by then, and I was back to the kitchen.

I was about to do the dishes, when I decided that our drying rack needed to be cleaned too, and when I put it in the sink, I found out that the counter under it had to be scrubbed. I did the scrubbing, and the cleaning, and then just washed my dishes as usual.

I was pretty happy with the kitchen, but there were littles smudges around the sinks. That’s when I got tootpicks involved, and I thought, ”Ok, I need a brake now.” (After using said tootpicks)

Thank God, tonight was ordering night, and I didn’t have to cook.

But all and every minute of that maniac cleaning spree was soooo satisfying.

I am drained. But satisfied. And I wonder… Am I the only one postponing cleaning because I just get too much into it, when I start??

5 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Oh yeah, when I start cleaning I get obsessive. I think it’s the fumes from the cleaning products. They’re like a drug affecting your judgement lol. But it feels nice sitting in a clean house once you’re all done. 😀


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