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Bittersweet story – FFFC



Ginger Brad tiptoed through the doorway.

It had been almost two weeks since his lovely cookie-dough better half had caught him nibbling on the neighbour’s sugary buttons. It wasn’t their first fight but admittedly, this time he had gone too far.

I’m home, Honeybee! – He risked.

She walked into the room, and for a moment, he worried this was a trap, and that she’d start yelling again, shaking the fondant foundations of their humble home. Instead of it, a warm giggle filled the air, preceeding her entrance in the living room.

Oh Brad, you’re back! I am so sorry for throwing such a fit for your little misbehaving.

Brad took a step back.

You’re… You really are not mad at me anymore?

Flapping her eye-lashes, she continued.

Are you kidding me? Why would I still be mad? Cotton-candy Betty next door sure is a catch for a one night, but she’s no match when it comes to long term relationships, right?

Ginger Brad nodded, hoping this was his unexpected ticket out of a stormy situation.

You are absolutely right, Sugar!

Smiling, she showed Brad the way to the bathroom, mentionning that if they had to restart their relationship on decent basis, he’d have to wash first.

I added extra marshmellows for you to sink in, my love.

Brad entered the bathtub, wanting to please his dulce de leche Chérie.

Close your eyes, Brad. I have a surprise for you.

Good, he loved surprises. Brad abided, and waited for said surprise. Never again would he cheat on his sweet Love again.

A slight tingle happened first. Then it felt kind of uneasy. Finally, it was just painful.

Ginger Brad opened his eyes again, to see her pouring hot milk in the bathtub.

My leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegs! You’re melting my fecking leeeeeeeeeeeeegs!


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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