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When I see an opportunity…



I seize it.

This evening, I was talking to Mom over the phone when I heard unusual noise outside the apartment. Of course I had to rush to the window to check what was going on…

A woman had just parked this boat just in front of our home. I took a picture, and sent it to Mom.

– Ask Dad how much this boat is worth, please.

Dad’s favorite hobby is to online-shop for things he doesn’t need… Usually cars, trucks, RVs and boats. Might aswell use his knowledge about pretty much anything that can take you from point A to point B.

The answer didn’t take long, and apparently, the boat is worth about 90,000$. Okie.

– And how much is it to get one of these ball things installed on the car, to pin the trailer on?

I heard giggles in the background, and Dad expressed doubts about our car being able to pull a trailer like that. Doubts, I assured him, that were beside the point.

– How much?

He said I could probably get one installed for 100$.

– A 89,900$ profit, not bad. – I continued – And that’s if I don’t boost the price because, let’s face it, people are fighting over anything with an engine these days!

I was mentally writing my Market place add.

But by then, Dad kept worrying about our car (not) being able to haul the trailer. He insisted on seeing the vehicule that had brought the boat here in the first place.

So I went to the balcony, and took a second picture.




– How much would that Jeep be worth?

Background giggles again. I tried to convince Dad to focus. This was serious business, after all. He ended up saying that I could probably get at least 85,000$ for it. I figured I could probably get 100,000$ for each, maybe more…

– And I wouldn’t have to spend 100$ on the ball-thingy. Win win! I should be able to find a tutorial to learn how to start a Jeep without the key on YouTube, right?

Dad agreed, and told me I should sell the boat and the Jeep separately to increase the profit.

– Oh! And don’t post any price online, just say ”Make an offer”. You might be surprised what people are willing to pay.

He was right, and we hung up, after promising that I’d let them know how my improvised theft would turn out.

No worries, Lovelies… Of course I wouldn’t steal anything from anyone.

But I gave Dad a good laugh, and it was well worth it.

6 thoughts on “When I see an opportunity…

  1. You wouldn’t steal anything, of course. But if it’s parked there for more than say ….. 4 hours, then it’s obviously abandoned. You’d be doing the local government a favour by saving them the trouble of towing it away. And your Dad is not googling stuff he doesn’t need – don’t be so rude! Every guy needs a boat.


  2. I love the fact that your dad gave you advice on how to sell said stolen property. You need to write a caper about this. Fictional. Whereby dad is used unwittingly at first but then dives headfirst into the first Robin Hood story in how many years??????


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