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R like Reconcinnate…



Killing time was everybody’s main activity in the ward. Some other inmates had turned to Jesus. Some squatted the gym. That wasn’t like him… Instead, John had turned to what he did best.

Fixing things.

And he had good hands.

If someone was bright enough to invent something, there would also be an idiot to break it. And there were a lot of idiots here… A lot.

The guys paid him with a couple of cigarettes, an extra dessert or canteen items.

Hi motto was simple… ”If it ain’t a broken bone, bring it to me. I’ll give it a shot!”


This year, I am dedicating my A to Z Challenge to 100 words pieces of fiction, based on unusual (sometimes a little obsolete) words. If you’d like to get the full list of my challenge posts, just click here.


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