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O like Obligure…




There’s something I should’ve told you before…

Robert shook his head vigorously.

Don’t you worry about the bill, Dear. I know it might seem a little too much, but I’ve always wanted to come here. I booked the table about two months ago, hoping I’d meet someone to share the experience with. Sit back, relax and enjoy… Their twelve course meal is supposed to be in-sane!

His speech didn’t reassure her at all…

Yeah, well… About 5 years ago, I went through a bariatric surgery. That (pointing at the plating before her) is about all I’ll be able to eat, tonight.


This year, I am dedicating my A to Z Challenge to 100 words pieces of fiction, based on unusual (sometimes a little obsolete) words. If you’d like to get the full list of my challenge posts, just click here.


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