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Just thinking…



After forty six days of war (read special military operation, if you are Russian) in Ukraine, my soul hurts.

I feel so helpless… 

And I have to say, I don’t have any diplomatic skills, but there’s something that really bothers me. I might not be the only one, I sure hope I’m not.

So I’ll offer an advice for the United Nations’ comittee. Not that I think that I know better than all of these World leaders, but, you know….

I do get that your security counsil has a number of established members. But if you asked me (no need, I’ll tell you what I think anyway), whenever a major conflict arises, I would have a rule that anyone involved in said conflict wouldn’t be allowed to use a veto to stop said conflict.

As I said, I don’t claim to be especially clever, but my common sense tells me that it’s a good idea.

Oh geez, please stop the madness.

So I can focus my thoughts elsewhere…. 

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