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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s the best prank you pulled on someone?


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15 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. It wasn’t a prank maybe, but I kidnapped my husband and took him to a luxury hotel in another city for his birthday one year. He thought I was planning to take him to my daughter’s here but we had been keeping their kids a lot because she was having a rough pregnancy and then was in the hospital with her new little one. (We kept the four older kids including a two year old 🙄). I bought him new clothes and toiletries so he wouldn’t notice anything missing because I had to pack the night before while he was working (I had to work the day we were going). I picked him up after work and went through the house stashing his phone charger, cold bottled water, good shoes, etc. On the way through town the grandkids called to wish him a Happy Birthday and to tell him to have a good time celebrating in Saskatoon. It was priceless and we had a great time. (Even though he ended up driving there because I kind of almost side swiped a guy as I was driving out of town.)

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    1. You are right, it might not qualify as a ”prank” per se, but I love the story. Well planned surprises like that really make me smile, and I loved your story! I bet your husband was really grateful (although he had to do the driving :P) Thank you for sharing, Anne Marie 🙂


      1. I’m glad you liked my story. Dan was really grateful even if he had to drive – and one of the ‘outfits’ I bought him was blue sweatpants, blue tee-shirt, and a blue huggy and he kind of looked like a giant blueberry. I wanted to make sure it matched. 🙄

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    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL I had never heard about pennying a roommate (btw, thank you so much for the video link!!) I LOVE this, although I’m guessing that your roommate didn’t really appreciate the prank 😛 (which, obviously makes the success of the prank LOL)

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      1. Yip. It is really fun to be outside with a room full of about 6 guys discover they are locked in and can’t get out. We did it because they had their music louder than a rock concert. One of our guys went to the circuit breaker after we pennyed the door and turned off their electrical. All of a sudden – no music, no lights and a lot of bad words and threats coming out of the room. We left them in the room until the Assistant Dean came up and rescued them. A fun memory of college! LOL


    1. Mouahhahahahahahahahahahahaha! *Gasping for air* Ok, why am I not surprised that you are a master at pranking people? Priceless… Who did you learn your pranking skills from? Do they give classes? 😛

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      1. Nope. The whim just strikes me and if it’s successful, then I’ve pulled a good prank. None of my pranks are of the usual variety – I don’t move cars on top of schools or any of that silliness. Only ever took part in one of those. A friend of mine came up with one for her friend and she wanted to cellophane the car doors shut. We did, it wasn’t nearly as hilarious in concept as she obviously thought it was, and there wasn’t enough. She got her mom’s crazy roll from their house already and we put it on. Turns out that shrink wrap is different than the stuff you wrap peanut butter in jelly in! In the summer sun… well, I spent a lot of time applying it just to have to help cut it off. WORST. PRANK. EVER! So I don’ bother with that silliness. I like the ones that require a slower burn, suggesting, convincing, backing off and basically saying “fine, if you want to be a baby about it” and winning. Its way more fun and requires significantly less cleanup LOL But as my mother always used to say “if you’re going to do it, do it right” so I only do it if the mood strikes me and I’m willing to go through the ten mintes of work to get them to even start to think it’s possible 🙂


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