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Slowly getting old…



Or should I say older

Because if I had received a dollar every time I told a friend that they were not old, but simply older, I’d be rich by now. Ok, maybe not that rich… Let’s say, if I had gotten 100$ every time. But who would give big bucks for someone saying something? Hmmm besides the point, right?

See, I have a natural tendency to make friends with people that are older than me. It’s always been like that. I don’t know why exactly… Maybe because they’ve usually experienced so much more, and they always have an awesome story to tell.

I might investigate that further in another post, but it is true that I have very few friends who are considerably younger than me. As a matter of fact, I only have one. She just turned 28 years old, and to be honest, I didn’t see much of a difference, at first.

Until I started making some references dating back to the eighties or nineties, that she had never heard of. The age gap was widening, but not enough to bother me.

Yesterday, that same friend sent me a series of messages on Messenger, telling me that the guy she was training at work, was making her feel like a dinosaure. What?? How could that be, knowing that he is in his early twenties, just a couple of years younger than she is.

Her: You know how our boss has a pager, so we can reach him past business hours?

Me: Yeah, sure… Why are you asking?

Her: Well N (her trainee) just asked me what ”a pager” was.

Me: ….

Her: Not only that, but when I told him what it was, he had no clue what-so-ever! I mean, when I joined the team, I knew what a pager was, I just didn’t know how it worked. We just crossed over a generation that isn’t even aware of something that used to be common when we were young! (note to the readers, I L-O-V-E that she implied that we are from the same generation, LOL)

But I must admit that it hit me hard.

In the early 2000s, I had a pretty fancy pager myself, because I worked as an emergency dispatcher, and had to be reachable pretty much 24/7. Doctors have kept using them long after we switched to cell phones. And still…

These kids seem to be working hard on making me feel old.

I really hope that’s not how I make my older friends feel.

Is it?


5 thoughts on “Slowly getting old…

  1. Growing old physically is unavoidable. Generations having a different ‘language’ and set of tools is part of the way society works.
    What goes on in your head and your heart….now there’s the important bit……

    ‘I mean…like man…You can be so far out, without worrying about your date of birth…Like man, that video of Surfin’ Bird’ with The Trashmen’s Steve Wahrer? The number of these kids who just don’t…like…dig it. I mean how square is that?’

    (date of birth 20th July, 1951)


  2. Never 🤓. You are an all age blogger😂. I’m so used to my grandkids giving me a hard time about things I did as a kid their age nothing much bothers me- except of course from daily news🙄😡


  3. Well i remember pagers. My husband had one when I was pregnant so I could “page” him if I went into labor. My kids are now 36 and 34. So that was the pager era!


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