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Everyday I’m shoveling….



Not everyday, but it just seemed like a good title.

The past couple of days, it’s been snowing in Freezingland.

Not anything near a snowstorm, but enough to know that it was time to grab the shovel, and take care of business. Well, I say that, but Chéri did offer me to stay in, and let him do it the next day… Which could have been a very bad idea.

For one thing, I had already engaged into the very intricate procedure of getting dressed for the occasion. The perfect layering of clothes is an art that must be mastered in order to survive the Freezingland coldness. And once you got started, you have to keep going.

Another thing is that Chéri is allergic to cold. Not to peanuts, not to seafood. No… to cold, in Québec. How ironic is that? Luckily, it is not the type of allergies that can kill you (or Chéri in this case), but still, I always feel bad when he gets back to the apartment with his face all swollen and red. And since the worst that can happen to me, at minus 20 degrees Celsius, is cause me to swear, I figured it was the reasonable thing to do was to save him the trouble.

Last but not least, snow, as beautiful as it might look at first sight, is sneaky. It can be dry, fluffy and light… Or it can be moisty, sticky and heavy. And either way, once it has fallen gracefully on the ground, if Mr Frost does what he’s best at, it can turn into ice quite easily. And, surprise surprise, that makes shoveling it a LOT more difficult. So why take the chance?

One thing you have to know, if you’re lucky enough not to know what it feels like to live in a freezer, is that during winter, you don’t need the weather channel to know how (un)comfortable the temperature is when you are heading out of your home. All you have to do is look out the window.

Then, it’s just a matter of if you see the glass half empty or half full. Because a bright blue sky usually means ”put on that extra layer, just in case”-cold. And if it is very cloudy and grey… You might be able to take off your mittens to take more than one or two pictures, wich is absolutely useless, because yeah, it is greyish and cloudy.

I’ll let you judge how cold it was when I finally walked out the door, by the above picture.

While I was making my way around the car, a shovel-full at a time, I noticed a sound I knew really well. I looked around and spotted the little woodpecker that has been visiting us for a while, now. It was perched on a branch really close to where I stood.

It might seem silly, but I started talking to it, and it came a little closer. There were also a couple of cute chickadees, on stand by.

Because of my relationship with my birdie fellows, a dear friend of mine calls me the urban Cinderella. I suddenly remembered that. And I just had to whistle to call out to my cardinal friends. I think that most people have doubts when I say that they recognize and come to me when I do.

But they do.

I wish I had a video to prove it, but after two or three calls, the little Mrs flew straight to our feeder. A couple of seconds later, Mr Cardinal also showed up. And I spent quite a long time whistling back and forth with him.

After a while, I had to get back to shoveling.

But I do like to believe that I am some kind of an urban Snow White.

Though I really don’t want to scrub floors, and have mean step-sisters.

Just let my god-fairy know about me… If you know her.

Do you?

If you do… Here’s a self portrait, so she can recognize me, if she comes across me.




Ok, it’s not really revealing… But it’s me.

I promise!

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