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Where I belong…



One of the great things about blogging, and I am sure that you’ll all agree, is that you get to know lovely people from all around the world. And if you’re lucky enough, you eventually make friends with some of them.

It is lovely to have friends abroad. It opens your eyes to parts of the world you might not have cared for otherwise. But it has a dangerous twist… These long distance friendships are prone to give you traveling fever, and you could end up waking up one morning with a credit card bill for plane tickets to your friend’s local airport.

Yikes! And then, you would probably start wondering a whole lot of what ifs. What if we don’t get along just as well as we do online? What if we don’t have much to say to each other when we’re finally face to face?  What if this supposedly so exotic new country ends up not so exciting, after all? What if I regret drunk buying that trip, giggling between two sips of Pinot Noir?

Well, I wish I was wise enough to tell you to think about it twice, before making plans for such silly trips, but I can’t. I recommend it, well maybe not just now… But when it is safe again, if you know amazing people that live far far away from where you live, and you can afford it, just go. If said friends are expecting you, of course. Because showing up at their doorstep by surprise might come as rude in some countries… Even a little scary. Ok, maybe a lot.

Years ago, I didn’t really care for Australia. I didn’t dislike the country in any way, but it just wasn’t in my traveling bucket list. The only reason I can give for my lack of interest back then is probably that if you had asked any young Québécois where they would go, if they could travel anywhere they wished, 99% of the time, they would say ”Australia”. And I’m anything but the trend-following type.

But then I found Miriam on WordPress. Author of the Out an’ About blog, this lovely woman was traveling around her country taking breath taking pictures, telling her amazing stories and always finding a way to inspire her readers in the end of each and everyone of her posts.

We connected, we shared thoughts, and when one day, Chéri suggested that we should travel to Australia, I thought… That could be fun. I could ask Miriam to arrange us a little camping trip.

I’ll spare you the details, but we did plan our 5 days getaway, Chéri, Miriam, her lovely husband Doug, and I. And from the moment we met at their local train station, it felt like we had known each other for years. We had the greatest time (you can search ”Aussie tour” on my blog to have the details – and the pictures… Geeeez, Australia IS a beautiful country), and before we knew it, it was over.

But Miriam is a sneaky and brilliant woman.

And a couple of days back, I did get the confirmation that she was working to lure me back to Australia for good.

The above screenshot from Google Maps was taken from a place Miriam and Doug visited recently. Denmark, Australia.

Denmark… Need I say more??

I sure would love to go check the Denmark pelicans, and have fun at the Denmark Thrills Adventure Park…  And sure, I could sleep at Denmark Hotel, or at Denmark Rivermouth Caravan Park. But why would I, when there in the South-West end of the map is the place where I really seem to belong.

The Cove.

In Denmark.

In Australia.


Well done, Miriam! Love ya, my friend!!


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