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Don’t call the SPCA!



Chéri called out to me tonight.

Come watch this!!

Twice a day, Chéri has to boil some water to thouroughly clean his nose. When the water has boiled, he lets it sit by the bathroom sink in a measuring cup (because, apparently, shooting really hot water up his nostrils isn’t a pleasant process).

Freja has a water fountain, and two bowls that get cleaned and filled twice a day. She also trained me to let her drink directly from my personal water bottle (usually at times when I’d much rather do something else, of course!).

So, finding a proper source of water isn’t a problem. It never was, and unless she scratches us to death in our sleep, it never will.

Still, tonight, when Chéri called for me, I found Little Miss Sunshine head first up to her ears in the measuring cup. She drank for a good couple of minutes, as if she had found the only way to calm her terrible thirst.

Good thing for us that she was born a kitten. If she had been a little human, I bet she would already have called child support to report us. At least fifteen times.

But don’t you worry… I promise that Freja is probably the best hydrated cat I know.

I know that this post wasn’t necessary, but I just don’t want to take chances. Clever as she is, she just might find out how to publish posts in The Cove. And I’d hate it if the police showed at my door just because Freja didn’t get her every water wishes granted.

So please… Don’t call the SPCA on me. LOL


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