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What a deal!!



Who doesn’t like a good deal, right?

I sure love a good bargain, and when I find one, I make sure to share it with as many people as I can. During the holidays, I’ve been watching quite a lot of tv, due to the recent sanitary restrictions, and the fact that I suddenly started having very incapacitating episodes of heart burn. So, yeah, I’ve spent the past couple of days wrapped in a blanket, watching serial killer documentaries.

And adds. Lots of adds.

And call me brain-washed, but after watching the ”Granitestone Blue” infomercial for the 1000th time, I started wondering if I might actually be really disappointed with my current set of unmatching pots and pans.

Lucky for me, Granitestone has a deal for me! A 20 piece set (no less), not for the insane price of 500$, not for 400$, not even 300$! No, no, no… I can get this extended kit of indestructible kitchen must-haves, for 5 easy payments of 49,95$.


But wait! That’s not all… Since I am lucky enough to catch the add on tv (because, it’s only playing 32 times every hour), they are willing to take one payment down.

I mean, only 4 payments of 49,95$ for all of this?? Seriously??

I was about to reach for my credit card, when a soft inner voice asked if it wouldn’t be a good thing to do a little bit of math first. I disagreed at first (I really don’t like math), but 199,80$ is still a lot of money, so I did take my calculator out.




I noticed a little something that had eluded me the first 999 times I’d watched the add. Let me give you a hint…




If you’re a regular in The Cove, you know that I live in Montreal, Canada.

So the actual 4 payments price doesn’t add up to 199,80$. I had to visit my good friend Google to see how much that was in Canadian Dollars.

Roughly, we’re talking about 253$. So what do you know? It seems like I’m going to pay that 5th payment after all! Hmmmm… My enthusiasm, was already fading.

Oh, but that’s not including Québec’s provincial and federal taxes. Back to Google!

And that’s an extra 37,89$.

So my bill’s now up to 290,89$. And may I remind you that at the beginning of the add, the company clearly stated that I shouldn’t be willing to pay 300$ for the set? I wouldn’t want to come out as a cheap person, but saving just 9,11$ doesn’t really spell ”great deal” to me.

By then, my credit card was neatly tucked back in my wallet, and the add came to my tv screen again. As if I hadn’t watched it one too many times already, I focused on the small font details.

No ”free delivery” mention. You know what that means, right? Insane hidden fees.

My belly might still hurt, but my thoughts about changing my kitchenware have been miraculously cured!

Oh wait!… Is that the new ”Forged in Fire” knife??

8 thoughts on “What a deal!!

  1. I had to laugh😂It’s like those ads for medicines when you read the fine print you won’t be trying it! I’m probably like you, I have a heavy stainless steel sauce pans in two sizes and two fry pans different sized and a large pot. Other than that a couple of baking pans. I don’t need extras and the heavy stainless always cleans easily. Good choice C🤗❤️

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    1. Oh Cheryl, if this made you laugh, it made my day 🙂 Like you, I am fully equiped, even if my pots and pans don’t match… But I’m not hosting a cooking show, am I? So who cares, really? I just saved over 300$… And I still can cook anything I want. Win-win 😛 *Big hugs* from Freezingland xx


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