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It is that simple…



We’re right in the middle of the Holiday season…

I think it is fair to say that it is the time of the year, when gathering with loved ones is most precious. But for the second time in a row, we’ve been asked to put a dimmer on our family celebrations.

As I mentionned in a previous post, we had planned two family dinners. The first on Christmas Eve, with Mom, Dad, Little Bro and his partner, and me. Five of us in total. The second was for Christmas night, with the same 5 people, plus Chéri, my only living grand-mother, my aunt, her partner, my uncle, his partner and my cousin M with her girlfriend. Twelve people, already a small party, compared to what we used to host, pre-covid.

When our government announced, at the end of last week, that we weren’t allowed to have more than 10 people for Christmas, and that this maximum would drop to 6 for New Year’s Eve, Mom had to take hard decisions.

Some people told us, ”10 people, 12 people… Not much of a difference! Why change the plans??” After all, we were all fully vaccinated, and trusted each other.

But these 12 people meant mixing 6 family bubbles.

And at the last minute, we reduced our Christmas party to 6 people and 3 bubbles. It was sad, not to see the rest of the family, but we didn’t want to take chances…

This morning, Mom called me. She wanted to know if I had read the news about my cousin. I hadn’t.

She happens to work in a senior home, which means that she has to get tested for covid-19 every couple of days. Because of that, she was tested on the 25th of December, and the result came out positive.

She’s now mildly sick, but I am confident she’ll get better soon. She is quite young, and I’m not too worried for her.

But I can’t help thinking that if we had been stubborn, and had held that large(r) party, she would have been in contact with six (of my favorite) people over the age of 60. Only God knows what would have happened.

I am glad we won’t have to find out.

There is no doubt many of you still have celebrations planned for the coming days… If you do, please take a couple of minutes to think about it.

Who do you really need to see?

How much are you willing to risk?

Because reducing your invitation list by just one family bubble could very well save the rest of your guests the trouble of dealing with the dang virus. It is that simple!

With this said, I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the Holiday season, in the safest way possible!!

2 thoughts on “It is that simple…

  1. I am willing to risk exactly….NO ONE. I won’t share time with my adult son, except by phone. I won’t share time with friends, with one glaring exception, and we live in each others pockets, are both fully vaccinated and boostered and wear masks when in each other’s company. The pandemic is rapidly turning into an ENDEMIC, and IMO is more America’s fault than anyone elses. We have a bloody 48% of population that think space lasers wielded by ancient Jewish families caused the forest fires in California and that Covid is a conspiracy to take out Communists. Why America has to put up with these idiots is something I will never understand. Sorry, got up on a soapbox there…..ignore my rants.


  2. We had a small Christmas gathering of 5 people. In the middle of our evening together our daughter got a text saying someone she had been in contact with tested positive. She got tested the next day, and was also positive. She is fully vaccinated, so her symptoms are mild. Three of us got tested 4 days later and thankfully came up negative, maybe because we take reasonable precautions.


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