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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you wear jewels?



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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. No. I have plain white gold wedding band and that’s all I wear. Sometimes I wear earrings and I have a couple of rings but don’t wear them. I like gemstones and jewelry in general though😀


  2. Occasionally earrings. I have some fancy necklaces too. But I wear a ring with my birthstone on it on my right hand that I got myself a while back, even though the band is broken at the bottom and is sometimes scratchy.

    On my left, I wear a bracelet that my ex got me and I still wear my engagement ring. The reason is that the bracelet was a Christmas gift, so even though it is from him, it doesn’t matter. It was purchased to be worn. I still wear my engagement ring because although it was used to propose to me and I wore it for that reason when we were together, the ring itself is a family heirloom – my family. My great grandmother escaped with a little bit of melted white gold and a few diamonds, and gave them to my grandmother. My grandfather took some of the white gold and a diamond and created her ring (it was not an engagement ring, he actually got it for her as what people refer to today as a “push present”. So I had asked for it to be this ring because of its history in my family, and also because I think it’s exquisite. So even though it’s purpose was as an engagement ring for a very long time, it’s meaning was always something so much greater. So I still wear it because the meaning didn’t change for me, it just has a different purpose now. Instead of meaning I’m engaged to a man, it means I am tied into my family’s history.

    I have met people who understand that and people who don’t. I actually met someone who didn’t understand it and basically demanded I take it off. They are a long-time client of one of the offices I work at and somehow found out that my life had changed. They, themselves, were there for a divorce, and felt that they had the right to demand that *I* remove a ring that they have no part of, from a hand that does not belong to them. Yeah, no. I also met someone who wanted to ask me out but refused to because the ring bothered them. I explained the history of the ring, and their reaction was quite dramatic. Basically, to date this particular individual, I was supposed to pull a Frodo Baggins and toss it into the first fire-lake I could find and destroy it. He got super upset when I laughed because I truly thought he was kidding – who throws any jewelry into fire lakes??? Where is one in real life anyway??? He was serious. I explained that it would never happen, and more than likely it would never come off my finger. He told me I was too tied to my ex and he didn’t have time for that. Uh…it literally has nothing to do wiht my ex, which I explained.

    Other people accept it for different reasons. One person told me that it was beautiful that after a man stomped on my heart (he didn’t) I would still be willing to wear a ring that was a promise he wouldn’t do that to me ever, and that must bring me comfort (actually, it doesn’t because I don’t even see it that way or think that way). Another person told me that the history of the ring is exceptional and that at the end of the day, to be able to have such a huge piece of my personal family history is astronomical, and that if it doesn’t relate to my ex in my head in any way, they believe should glue it to my hand and never take it off. The next guy needs to get me an engagement ring that compliments this ring and a wedding band that commpliments both. If they can’t figure out how to make that happen, they should be thrown back under the rock I dug them out from. They’re free, I did my job. Move on. I was laughing hysterically when he said that.

    The next piece of jewelry on my list of wants is The Heart of the Ocean from Titanic.It will never happen – who can afford that other than the royal family? But, a girl can dream big, even if it’s all nonsense, as long as she realizes how silly it truly sounds LOL


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