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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s one dish or food item you discovered while traveling, that you miss because you can’t find anything just like it in your home country?



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3 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Ooo. This is hard. I’m fortunate that almost all of the the foods I’ve enjoyed overseas is fairly readily available around me. There’s plenty that aren’t, but honestly, I have found that I prefer them staying in their home countries anyway.

    For a long while, crepes were the thing, but now we have a crepe shop about 20 mins away.

    Oh I know!

    In Belgium, they do the Belgium waffles. The ones that we found were huge and thick and perfectly Golden. Sooo soft. So warm. When you bit into them, your mouth was filled with perfectly warm apple pie stuffing. It was to die for. I have found things similar, never as good. Not even close.

    There’s an amazing German bakery about 25 minutes from me, and they have absolutely amazing german butter cake. However, absolutely fresh, 5 am German butter cake, in Germany, is just somehow WAY better. Also, significantly less expensive and there’s like twice the amount.

    Most countries now have a lot of Americanized foods, or America has their foods. So it’s really hard to think of anything super specific other than a few. I’ll have to ask my ex for his answer at some point. He may have something interesting to say.


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