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Happy birthday!



Today was a special day.

Especially since last year, it wasn’t special at all. No, you know what? I take that back. It was special, just in a very ironic and somewhat boring way. Because Chéri turned 40, in 2020, and one’s 40s, in French translates into ”la quarantaine”. The funny thing is that ”quarantaine” also means quarantine.

So, the sentence

Chéri started his 40s in quarantine.

translates into

Chéri a commencé sa quarantaine, en quarantaine.

And this play of words was used. A lot. I guess in an effort to make up for the fact that we couldn’t celebrate this special birthday. I really tried to make December 9th fun, but with all the restrictions in place at the time, it would be fair to say that I failed.

Fast forward to today.

Chéri was convinced that the day would be uneventful. He is working the weekends, and it is difficult to arrange a party during the week, when everybody else is working.

Little did he know, that Little Bro is on a month long vacation. And since we hit over 1800 covid cases this morning, he offered that we enjoyed a nice dinner at the restaurant together, before the government decided otherwise.

So I booked a table for three at our favorite place, we all dressed up, and met for a delicious Italian meal. Chéri, Little Bro and I really get along well, and it had been an eternity since we last had quality time, between just the three of us.

Little Bro ordered a fine bottle of wine, the kind we usually wouldn’t pick. And we chatted for hours, sipping on it, while enjoying the amazing food.

When it was time to leave, Chéri and I even got a lift to our apartment, where I pulled the last bunny out of my hat. I had ordered a tiny dark chocolate cake that I had managed to hide from Chéri somehow.

I put the candles on, and lit them up.

Chéri wasn’t going to end this anniversary without making a wish for the year to come… Even if it meant having to eat half of the cake.

I sang (poor Chéri) and he blew the candles. I really hope he chose wisely. I’m pretty sure he did. He is a wise man.

We’ll see.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome evening, despite the lack of expectations. And that’s what makes for he best evenings, if you ask me.

And tomorrow, we’re sleeping late, which is part of the celebration, no questions asked.

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