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The Train Guy…



Is it just me or as we start adulting, it is socially requested that we start hiding any sign of unexplainable, and profound passion for something that other people just don’t care all that much about?

I love being passionated about something.

It gives me a natural high, probably better than any drug (and most certainly less illegal too). Anyone who’ve bravely engaged into a serious conversation with me about Denmark, knows how my eyes sparkle at the sound of any word containing an ”å” or an ”ø”.

When it is occasional, people think it is somewhat endearing. But in the long run, I can divide people into two groups:

  • The ones who really like me, and support me in all my weirdness.
  • The others, who (not so subtly) suggest that I keep all of my Vinkingland anecdotes and fun facts to myself, because… Well, it is my passion, and not everyone’s.

Which brings me to the actual reason of this post.

On my way down the bottomless rabbit hole that is TikTok, I found Francis Bourgeois, a twenty-something years old young man living in the U.K. (see above picture). Francis loves trains with a passion… He records all of his trainspotting experiences on his account.

I like trains, no more no less than the average. But after watching him weep at the sight of a specific locomotive on its last trip to the junkyard, or crying with joy as a friend train driver honked some seventy some times as it passed under the bridge where Francis was standing, I fell in love with the Train Guy.

The (not so) funny thing is, that after attending a music festival, a tsunami of people started spreading the rumor that Francis’ Train Guy passion was a thing he made up, to get millions of views. As if, because he had a normal life, his passion was staged. I might be wrong, I often am, but I do believe in Francis’ passion.

And I love it.

I think we should all allow ourself to express our own passions as he does.

If you love something that others don’t care about, I’m with you. Big time!

And if you have any connexion with Denmark, let the Queen know that I’m her country’s biggest fan. I could definately live with being the Denmark Gal, worldwide. *Wink wink*

4 thoughts on “The Train Guy…

  1. I completely understand what you mean. Your passion is Denmark and mine is France. Sometimes I do feel like I have to tune it down because others might find this passion of mine weird, or “unhealthy”. Funnily enough, the only times when I don’t have to be conscious about how I talk about France is when I’m talking to my kindergarteners. Adulting IS sad 😏
    On another note, I have a boy from Denmark in my class and every time he walks into the class wearing the Denmark football jersey, my first thought is Cyranny would have loved that! 🇩🇰😊


  2. I don’t think you need to hide your passion, you just need to find likeminded people. I have interests that other people would prefer root canals over listening to. I get that. It doesn’t stop me from being me completely. I just bother them with it less than I would someone with a similar interest, but I still torment them with it because it’s endlessly fascinating to me. But I also admit, it’s quite morbid to others.

    As far as the train guy, he miscalculated BIG TIME. The backlash is his own fault. He’s the train guy. He should live in a box car, attend school (or whatever) online so he never has to leave the rail yard, get all of his food delivered by train (Uber Train – it’s the next big thing!). The fact that he had the audacity to listen to music that wasn’t just the honking of the train whistle deserves backlash like the world has never seen 🙄

    People need to sit down, shut up, and leave everyone else alone. If I want to be obsessed with something but also want to eat a bagel, that doesn’t mean walking into a bagel shop means I don’t have that passion/obsession, it just means I was hungry.

    My theory: the people who jump up and scream foul have only one hobby/obsession-what everyone else is doing at all times. If you ask me, the adulting us should keep on keeping on and accept that there are people out there who will hate that we think about something other than them and what they’ll think.


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