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A lot of people fear death…

They are afraid to disappear. The thought of getting forgotten makes them shiver, and they shake before the inevitable finality of death. It is sad, really. If you live your life in the shadow of your unknown expiration date, is it worth living anyway?

But Love, you don’t have to worry about it.

Because I have taken it into my own hands, to make sure that after letting go of your very last breath, you won’t get erased by the ongoing passing of time.

I have knitted my favorite memories of you… Sewed together all of our best moments together. I have bottled every single giggle we shared, and watched them drift away, hoping that strangers would enjoy them, someday. I have painted your face on every church’s facade.

I have relentlessly shared every piece and bit of you that makes me smile, with the world. Just so everybody knows how incredibly lucky I have been, to cross your sinuous path. And even if all of these passers-by don’t ever get the chance to hear your name, I’ll make them all fall in love with you.

And no matter what happens in the future, I know I’ll always be special to you. Despite what you might think at the time.

Because, Love, I was the only one to care enough to make you…


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