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Just when I was about to let it go…



I know that many of you have been following my serial killer neighbours’ tribulations.

I couldn’t blame you… They are quite mysterious, and let’s face it, during the pandemic, everyone’s entertainment standards were lowered greatly. I’m grateful for that last part, because I must say that I can’t do anything much more exciting from my apartment, than spying on strangers’ garbage.

I have been giving you reports almost weekly for months now (I know, I can barely believe it myself). I thought I had said everything I could possibly say about a pile of trash. And I was getting tired of posting blurry evening pictures. I was ready to throw the towel.

But it’s Wednesday, and Chéri was preparing to take the garbage out, when I remembered that his phone had a better camera than mine.

Can I borrow your phone to take a couple of shots? – I dared asking.

Next thing, I was on the downstairs balcony, taking several pictures of the seven (or so) pile of bags on the other side of the street. It felt like the same shots I had posted time and time again, with the exception of better quality images.

It is only once back up in the safety of our apartment that I noticed the following…



Can you see it?


Right there, next to the telephone pole, I thought I had seen something moving. But due to the darkness, I had figured it was just a mind glitch. The blurry figure didn’t make it past the pole, but I had caught this mysterious presence by sheer luck.

Did a ghost of my neighbours’ victims choose to show himself to me to keep me going? Maybe my investigation isn’t meant to be over just yet.

Here’s to hunting for the unexplainable and the unexpected!

I guess this series isn’t over just yet…



16 thoughts on “Just when I was about to let it go…

  1. I was just thinking the other day that we had not had an update on the serial killers in a while and voila! The blurry image looks like a dog. Standing guard. I thought you were going to mention what looks to be like a snake crawling out of the pole. 🙂

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  2. okay..for a few minutes it looked like a tall, monstery sort of thing..then I blinked and it became posters or signs on a wall and a bunch of shadows! Creepy what our minds can do!

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