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I can’t unsee it now…



Does it happen to you too, or is it just me?

Sometimes, I focus on the smallest of things, and see something that’s barely there, in front of me.

And then, I just can’t unsee it anymore.

It happened again this evening. I had just finished my working shift (the last before a sweeeeet eleven days vacation!!), and I was sitting on the couch enjoying my first free minutes. Freja was rolled up next to me, and I was enjoying petting her freshly shaved back, when it occured to me that there seemed to be a patern in her short short (and pleasant to the hand) fur.

Can you see it?

I’m giving you a moment to find it yourself… No? Ok… So if you look at the darker spot on Freja’s back, doesn’t it look like an upside-down ”OK”?

I tried rubbing my thumb on it, thinking it was just the hairs’ angle that created the illusion, but it was still there. I then sent the picture to a friend to get her opinion, and she didn’t see it at first. But when I pointed out what I was seeing, she just answered ”Now I can’t unsee it either!!”

So at least, there are two of us.

And that’s a reassuring thing, because sometimes it feels lonely being silly-me.

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