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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you had a button, that would send a million dollars straight to your bank account, but kill a random person that you’d never hear from… Would you hit it ?



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14 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. This was a twilight zone or litter limits. Wasn’t it?

    It’s a truly hard one. I would love to be able to say no, but the truth is, the offer could be then given to someone who doesn’t know you and therefore you would die because they have less morals than you do. So the question becomes the finer details of the agreement. If you push the button, are you then exempt as a victim from any future button pushing? Is this a one time thing? Once someone pushes it there will be no more offers like it? If you are exempt of victimhood by sheer power of having been asked already, then live by your conscience. If that is not the case, you are taking a chance that the next person will also say no to a million dollars to save, what in fact is just an abstract idea of a person. Wars are fought because the enemy is an Abstract group of people whose deaths mean little to nothing to the ones who start the wars.

    An did it’s a one time offer? Once that 1 million dollars is given away that button is destroyed? I would push it. Yes, I would hate myself and it would not be be pretty, but no one else would be faced with that decision. No one else would have to fight with themselves whether they would be able to do that to feed their children.

    Not to mention, once that money is yours, there can be no contractual obligation regarding how you use it. You can find the victim and give $250,000 to their family and the rest to charity.

    But knowing that you say know and are letting a manic with a button loose on the world would somehow be just a little worse for me.

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