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Cyranny’s quickie!



Would you rather live in the penthouse of the tallest building of a metropolis, or in a cozy house miles away from the closest neighbour?



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20 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. *snicker* The choice is obvious – cozy cottage. BUT. I insist on having reliable Wi-Fi with my isolation and someone to deliver food. A well maintained road so I can get to the penthouse city if I want to go. I don’t mind being without neighbors though. Mine are okay but I have to wonder how much I’d miss them if suddenly they were not there.

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  2. cozy house. I like solitude, quiet, and no heights. Some specific caveats though: Amazon MUST deliver, there must be some form of grocery/food delivery, and inexpensive and solid wi-fi. I’m over this hot-spot nonsense. Oh, and a perfect work from home situation, and an adorible dog!

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  3. I think I would choose to alternate between the two, and for much of my life, that has how it has been, more or less. At present, I am a bit marooned, and have less than 10 neighbours within about a 5 mile radius …… and that is fine. Especially for my neighbours.


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