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Suspicious kindness…



As far back as I can remember, I think that being kind to others has always been something of great importance for me. It most likely came from my parents… The greatest lesson they passed on to me probably is to treat other people as I would like to be treated. I wouldn’t try to fool anyone, I haven’t nailed it just yet, but I do work on it on an almost daily basis, trying to my life and the lives of others a little better.

Up to quite recently, I believe that I was a little bit naive about it. I did believe that even the grumpiest person could be touched by a random act of kindness. That being kind could be contagious.

I’m not saying that I was totally wrong, and my will to be kind to people isn’t shaken. But I’ve realized that in 2021, a lot of people consider random acts of kindness suspicious. I can understand that. Our society has become very individualistic, and it makes us all more cautious in general. It makes sense that people would wonder why others would be kind to them for no apparent reason.

Here is an interesting post about a woman who tried to start a Pay it forward movement. She tried to do little things like giving a free coffee to strangers in a coffee shop. As she explained, most people would refuse her offer until she gave them an explanation as to why she was being kind to them.

Again, I get it, but it saddens me. Why do we need to have a good reason to accept kindness?

My guess is that there are far more genuinely kind people than we could think,  that would help others without second guessing. But knowing that offering a helping hand will raise doubts instead of just putting a smile on their face, is reason enough not to do it.

But I am not giving up.

No way José!

I’m sticking to my kind ways. No matter your doubts!

26 thoughts on “Suspicious kindness…

  1. I was sitting on the bus and a chap didn’t have quite enough change for his fare, but he needed to get into town for an appointment, so I went and gave him forty pence, or some such small amount so hie could pay his fare. He was grateful and the other passengers impressed with remarks such as ‘ there are still kind people in the world’ . The truth was I didn’t want to be late for my dentist appointment and I just wanted the bus to get going!

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    1. Hehehehe… But you know, even if you benefited from your own act of kindness, you still did it! I would bet that most of the people who commented your action wouldn’t have done the same, and some of them probably were in a hurry too 😉 Great anecdote! Thank you for sharing it 🙂


    1. I think that’s a lot of people’s reflex reaction. To think that they will be in debt if they accept a spontaneous act of kindness… Sad indeed that our minds work like that.


    1. Oh Fabulous, you know that as soon as I am wealthy enough, you’ll get your mansion 😉 Just keep everything crossed for the next draw Mouahahahahahahaha


  2. Cyranny, this post is really personal to me. I too have been confused by people’s refusal to accept what I freely give. (sorry, I don’t have an extra house, Trina) I alienated a neighbor by giving a few nice toys that Eagle wasn’t playing with anymore to their son. I didn’t mean it as a judgment of what they had, I just wanted someone to enjoy the toys Eagle had loved when they were little. When Eagle was little, a friend dropped off 12 grocery sacks full of clothes – it was enough clothes for 6 years of growth! I thanked them profusely, but I didn’t refuse! Thanks for the conversation. R

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Rebecca 🙂 These are two incredibly generous offers, both from you and from your friend. It warms my heart everytime I hear or read stories like that… I am sorry that your neighbour took the gift the wrong way, though. I really hope it didn’t slow your will to be so kind to others… xx

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    1. That’s a wonderful way to make a difference in a stranger’s life 🙂 I have to keep that idea in mind, for when I’ll next visit the grocery store… What I used to do, before the pandemic (because now, we order everything and get it delivered) was to ask the homeless people asking for money at the store’s entry what they would like to eat, and buy it for them. That way, I was willing to give more than I would have in cash, and I knew that they would get a full stomach 😉


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