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War is on!



Yes, it is Wednesday again. Some would say already, but I like to kid myself into thinking that you Lovelies are thinking at long last!! 

It is this time of the week, when I spy on my (alleged) serial killer neighbours’ garbage. And boy oh boy, do I have a scoop for you tonight! If you’ve been following this series since its very beginning, I bet you’ll be at least half as excited as I am. If you have no idea what this post is about, you’ll probably think I’m just a weirdo. You are entitled to your own opinion… But just so you know, you are wrong.

So… Shall we get to it?

This afternoon started with a weird change of strategy from my across the street neighbours. As you know, the people in the left building usually leave their trash right next to the big electricity pole on the far left. This week, they seemed to have moved it close to the tree stump. I must admit that this puzzled me greatly. 




My only guess was that a bond is forming between the two buildings’ occupants. Some kind of ”We’re in this together” statement. Of course, if I am right, and if said neighbours feel the need to bluntly state this, it could be considered as a threat.

Uh ohhhh….

Luckily, Chéri has endured my silly ideas for more than ten years now, and when I pointed out to him that we might be in danger (again), he was very supportive.

We have to fight back! – he said.

You have to know that Chéri and I never throw up more than one full bag-worth of garbage a week. But he worked hard, got creative and managed to fill three bags to put on the sidewalk. THREE bags! Just for the sake of allowing me sound sleeping nights (without my two Japanese chef knives on the bed table).




Ha! In your face, (alleged) body-dismembering neighbours! I bet you can’t multiply your trash as fast as we do!

With a little luck, they’ll consider our warning.

And here’s when things really got interesting. Just after dropping our three bags (THREE!), we spent a couple more minutes on the balcony because Freja had to have her little walk outside.

I have to thank her for keeping us outside, because when I turned around, I caught this picture in extremis (sorry for the blurriness – I was in a hurry).






BAM!! Your first actual sighting of (one of) my (alleged) serial killer neighbour(s)!! 

Aren’t you in awe? If not, you’re really hard to please. Really.



Still… These neighbours are throwing out way too much garbage. It can’t be just household waste.

Will I have to kill someone too, just to get them off my back?

I hope not.

But if I have to, the lady with the noisy car is on top of my list. We’ll see if she gets to live. And if I do.

Fingers crossed!


7 thoughts on “War is on!

  1. The person was in the door frame? My goodness I can’t imagine another reason besides that of your speculation for the loads of trash. I would have opened a bag out of curiosity after a month (perhaps under cover of darkness).


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