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Vintage Notes…




I hadn’t intended on writing anything when publishing my new Vintage Notes’ posts when I started them. 

I had just bought an old type-writer from a flea market, and since typing on it is so noisy, I wanted to use it for short thoughts only, first. But I think I owe you a little explanation for this one.

First of all, this is obviously in French. And the best translation I could come up with would be ”Find beauty wherever you can’‘. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite catch the very subtle play of words in the original sentence. 

Secondly, this is not a thought of my own. Vintage Notes were supposed to be random short thoughts that would cross my mind. But this quote resonated so much with me, that I just had to share it. It is an excerpt from a letter Vincent sent to his brother, Theo. I didn’t know much about Vincent Van Gogh, besides the facts that he is an iconic painter and that he cut his own ear off at some point in his life. That changed with the release of At Eternity’s Gate

The movie about Van Gogh’s life really pulled on my heartstrings… I had bought my ticket mainly because Mads Mikkelsen was in it, and because I really like Willem Dafoe. But the movie is a gem, and there obviously was a lot of work put into really showing Van Gogh’s view of the world as he went down the rabbit hole of his mental instability, and gradual change of vision. It is a beautyful and poignant movie, and if you’d be interested to see it for yourself, here’s the trailer…




9 thoughts on “Vintage Notes…

    1. You’re very welcome Alice 🙂 It shouldn’t be hard to find, and if you like biographical movies, I am pretty confident you’d enjoy it. I must say, though, it’s not a happy story 😉

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