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Not quite a murder…



Lost in my mind,
Thoughts dancing
In between wishes
And memories,
I call out to the land I love…
When a shriek
Breaks the silence
Of my afternoon’s reverie.
I slowly turn
My head,
And what is there to see?
Standing steady
On the thin wire
Seeking attention with his caws,
Just feet away
From me,
Is the darkest of crows.
Anyone here
Would see in this visit,
Some bad luck comin’,
But I know
That the black bird
Is a messenger from Odin…
I grab my phone
And snap a shot
Of my unlikely visitor.
Hoping he came
To invite me to Vikingland,
Sooner than later…

5 thoughts on “Not quite a murder…

  1. I did not realize that crows and Odin were a thing. I really should look more into my Icelandic heritage in that aspect. What really amazed me is the sudden realization that crows are always around me. Like always. Weird. I learned something new today. Thank you Cranny. 🙂

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    1. You’re very welcome, dear Jay-lyn 🙂 According to Scandinavian mythology, Odin has two crows (Hugin and Munin) that fly over the land to inform him of what’s going on…. They are Odin’s messengers, and that’s why I love to see them around my house, even though here, they usually mean trouble 😛


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