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  1. People see dandelions in various ways. When they are in fresh bloom and spread over a wide area, they are beautiful. But, when they turn to seed and the wind blows them all over they become a nuisance – a weed to be destroyed.

    During the Depression, my mother’s family viewed them as food. Grandpa would go out and cut the very early shoots, the most tender ones and bring them to the house. He washed them thoroughly to get all of the dirt and sand out of them before cooking them. Grandma got out an iron skillet, put some pieces of bacon in it to brown for a few minutes. When the bacon was almost crisp, she added the tender dandelion shoots for a few minutes.

    To serve them, she made a sweet vinegar dressing the family poured over the bacon and dandelion combination. If she felt real creative, she would hard boil several eggs and dice them up to put on top. As a side, she made a batch of cornbread to go along with it. Nothing was wasted on my grandpa’s farm, and nothing was too lowly to be considered food. Mom told me it tasted like spinach with a similar sweet vinegar dressing one might see today. I’ve never tried them, but the way mom described the meal, it sounded good to me.


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