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Andromeda held the fragile creature crying in her arms.

She was as perplex as her circuits would let her. Why wouldn’t Doctor Fester just download all the information to take care of human offsprings?

The decibel level had peaked, and Andromeda knew she had to find how to stop the tears. She had already fed, burped, rocked him and played lullabies that used to work …

She turned to the scientist.

-Doctor, I need a clue.

-The baby is tired, Andromeda. It needs sleep, like when I charge you up.

She turned the baby around.

-But… Where do I connect it??



I might just be stubborn, given my past fails, but I am giving a shot at the NYC Midnight Challenge, again. This is a practice for the 100-Word Microfiction challenge starting in two weeks. The prompts for this story were Sci-Fi / Holding a baby / Connect.

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