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Wontons, anyone?


I really enjoy cooking.

But sometimes, I keep myself from trying new recipes, because I don’t want to get stuck with ingredients I might not need for any other dish, and that end up wasted. So a little while back, Chéri suggested that we tried ordering from one (of many) company that sends boxes of pre-portioned ingredients, and easy recipes.

I thought… Why not?

We chose Cook it.

Every two weeks, we order three dinner meals, and yesterday, I made my very first homemade wonton soup.

Here’s what the recipe’s bag contained…


I prepared my broth, and while it was simmering, I made the porc-filled wontons. I was surprised at how little skills were needed to make them. Really, I thought it would be quite a task, but before I knew it, I had almost forty of them ready to be boiled. Not to bad for a first time, what do you think?


I boiled the baby bok choy, and then my wontons (desperately hoping they wouldn’t open up, which they didn’t – Yay me!) and tried to make our bowls as pretty as possible.


Then, I just needed to add the broth and decorate with chopped green onions, and voilà! (See first picture for final result).

No waste, two full bellies, and we even had wontons left for lunch today (I made a simple peanut sauce that really fit well with them). Definately not the last time I make this recipe.

If you live alone, or only with your better half, and enjoy trying new things, I really recommend this type of companies. It is a nice and easy way to put some variety on your table.

Bon appétit!

5 thoughts on “Wontons, anyone?

    1. I totally agree… And I don’t know about the company you used, but it really isn’t as expensive as I would have thought. Especially since we have leftovers for the next lunch pretty much every time!

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  1. These look great! Better looking than the ones my mom makes. She likes to make wontons in bulk – probably 100 at a time and freeze them for quick meals. She would just stuff them with meat, and pinch them shut, no fancy folding like yours. 😀


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