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Is it just me?



I don’t feel like ranting…

Ranting takes time and energy, and I don’t have enough of either to do the bacon dance and throw a tantrum, right now. But that doesn’t mean not mentionning stuff that bothers me.

Since WordPress forced the dang block editor down our throats, I’ve been quiet about changes I’ve noticed. For one thing, I’ve been having so much trouble scheduling posts for quite a while. (Thank God, I’m not one of these super organized bloggers who prepare everything they publish well in advance… I would have gone crazy)

I also know for a fact that my Reader is playing tricks on me. 

But the one thing that really pisses me off lately, is the font reduction in the (fake and cheap) classic editor. It happened twice, and it really bothered me both times, when I noticed that I had to move closer to the screen to make sure I wasn’t making typos.

I don’t get it, WordPress.

What is it? Do you want me to stop blogging? Just tell me… Why, oh why would you shrink letters so much that if you do it again, I’ll need to put my tablet under a microscope to keep track of what I’m trying to write?

Have you made a deal with the zoomies’ company? Because I have considered buying myself a pair from the Shopping Channel. (I’d get another pair for free anyway, if I agree to pay the separate shipping fees, that is)

But seriously… I love blogging, but I am starting to doubt that WP loves bloggers.

Is it just me?


24 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. I’ve noticed all of these too and I agree, the font size is really annoying me too. I have trouble reading what I’ve written and often times, I have to preview it on the actual site just to see if I’ve missed any words. I don’t understand why these “engineers” are fixing stuff that aren’t broken.

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    1. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone 😉 I do the same (hitting the ”preview” button more often than I would wish to) and it annoys me that I have to do so, to see what my paragraphs look like.

      I’d be really curious to know if the block editor users are experiencing the same font shrinking…

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      1. We still have the option of using the ”classic editor”, I’d have to send you an email to tell you how to switch, if you’d like to switch.

        But it just comforts me to know that these changes have not been imposed on the classic editor users only.

        Just let me know if you’d like to go back to classic 🙂

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  2. I would hate the font to go all small on me! I would have to get glasses and even at my age I can still read most things. I only have glasses for reading in bed at night.


  3. I haven’t noticed the font effect. I’ll be alert. We might as well face it, WordPress is in it for the money. As long as they get paid, I doubt they give two hoots what happens. But until someone finds a better alternative (and they best share when they do), I suppose we’re stuck with it. Now you do know about the settings business and all that and have tried to fix the issue? If not, drop me a comment and I’ll direct you to a link that might help (it’s for the dashboard, but there are lots of tools in there).


  4. Sorry for your woes! Blogging from my phone has so many hiccups: the dreaded back arrow and poof my edits vanish. Then the post time that jumps from pm to am. I’m with you, WP is adding layers of complication. 😦


  5. I thought it was because I came back home to wp instead of having zero problems but being alone on wix. I am giving up. I am too old, too cranky and set in my ways to keep on trying. Love ya sweetie beyond words but I can’t see a damn thing I am writing anymore.


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