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Rockin’ robin…


This evening, Chéri brought to my attention that there was a new bird in our backstreet mini forest.

It wasn’t a new bird, but certainly one that we hadn’t heard in months. And our little feathery friend sure had a lot to say. It kept singing on and on and on… So I sat on the balcony and I listened.

Today, my thoughts were rather darkish. I don’t think it is necessary to go into details, but let’s just say that I needed a little lift up.

So I stayed there, listening to this robin’s first song of the spring. It took me a while to spot it at the top of the highest tree. It just stood there, singing in the sunset. And I let my mind wander, for a good ten minutes. I filmed the following short video just before another robin flew in. I don’t have bionic eyes, but I am pretty sure it was a ladybird…

It didn’t make me forget what had brought me down earlier. But, it reminded me that there were still beautiful little things to enjoy… Especially when others don’t have that chance.

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