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Most people know Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid.

But have you ever heard about Han?

Looking over Elsingør’s harbour, a shiny male version of Hans Christian Andersen’s iconic character was revealed in 2012. Han is known as the Little Mermaid’s younger brother.

This was enough for me to take this picture. But the shot is extra special to my heart, because I have slept in the Hawila, the ship in the background three times, out of my four trips to Denmark. The only time I couldn’t book a cabin in it, was on my last visit, back in 2019.

Because the ship was traveling at the time. But it couldn’t escape me 😉

13 thoughts on “Han…

    1. It’s a lot of fun, spending the night on that sailboat… There are about twenty bunk beds around a common area that looks a little like a living room. The harbour is very close to the airport, and the cost for a night aboard is pretty cheap, so many travelers from around the world choose this odd housing, mostly young backpackers… If you like to meet new people, it is a great alternative to Airbnb apartments or hostels 🙂 If you don’t mind the mild rocking of the boat, of course 😉

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