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Just thinking…



Exactly a year ago the World Health Organization was announcing that we were now dealing with a worldwide pandemic. 

I remember how people first thought that things would get back to normal within a few weeks, or a couple of months to the most… Aouch!  How wrong were we, right? But there are also the positive surprises. In March of 2020 scientists were warning us that it would take from one and a half to two years for companies to come up with an effective vaccine. And here we are, waiting for our dose. Just a year later.

What I realized this morning is that since Chéri and I have taken the sanitary measures very seriously, we haven’t had any physical contact with anybody but ourselves, for a whole year… Not one. Not a handshake, a hug or a peck on the cheek… Not even an elbow bump.

I used to think that I didn’t need that much physical contacts with others. Turns out I am the hugging type, and I realized it when I could no longer take people I like in my arms anymore.

We’re good, because we have each other, but I feel for the people who live on their own… I know that some of you, Lovelies are dealing with that situation. How do you feeling so far? Have you ”cheated”? (I wouldn’t blame you.) 

Hopefully, we’re on the last stretch, after this long marathon… 

Sending all of you big tight hugs in the meanwhile!

20 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. I’m impressed. No physical contacts, wow. I can’t say that myself. Someone in the family is always wrapping their arms around me or trying to and even my mom would give me a peck on the cheek now and then. Next Friday would mark my one-year anniversary working from home. Oh, how I thought this thing would be over in a few months then.

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    1. I hadn’t realized it, just yet. And it surprised me too. We have met with my parents and Chéri’s once or twice, but always at a 2m distance, and wearing masks at all times. We just can’t take chances… Montréal is the epicenter of Canada (or at least it has been for a good part of the year).

      Do you live with your family? Or are you referring to family members you just visit from time to time? 🙂

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      1. I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t take any chances either if I live in the epicenter.

        My mom lives with me and her brother and sisters are my neighbors. I wish they’re just dropping by from time to time but they are always here knocking on my door, telling me to take them shopping like Covid’s not a big deal.

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      2. Just to give you an idea… Canada is a big country and Québec is one of 10 provinces. We have approximately half the deaths in just our province, and in Québec, the Montréal area represents about half of the cases and the deaths. So we have almost 25% of all of Canadian deaths just in my city. Yikes!!

        I hope your aunt and uncle won’t put you at risk unnecessarely… Stay safe and well 🙂

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  2. I am so happy you have each other and a feline friend.  Hopefully by this time next year it will be settled.  If people were more vigilant like the two of you it would end quicker but here it won’t because some people still believe 520,000 people dead  is a hoax.🙄🤯

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    1. I am very grateful to have spent this year with Chéri 24-7… I often have a thought for the couples that struggle because they weren’t used to spending that much time with their other half. Really sad. We are extremely lucky to get along that well.

      As for the ”hoax”, seriously, if that was true, I’d bow down for getting the whole planet to play along!! That would have been the best hoax, ever! Of course, I’m bound to believe my mother and sister in law, who both had covid, but who knows? Maybe they got paid to pretend they were sick? 😉

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    1. It is starting to look good… Lets hope we get everyone who’s willing to get vaccinated a dose before the variants do too much damage, and then, we’ll be able to dream about a little bit of normality again… All the best to you and your family, Joy 🙂 xx


    1. And I am so glad you are in such good company too! I can’t imagine having to spend a whole year by myself, or worse, with someone I would have conflicts with all the time. We’re living a good life, aren’t we 😉 *Big Vhug* right back! xx


    1. LOL You say that, but… Yeah, you have it good, right? The best excuse not to mingle with any of us, out of your home 😉 Enjoy the next couple of months… You might have to interact a little more, sooner than later LOL

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      1. Oh, it is not your internet provider that sucks?? LOL Regarding the badger-loving comments, maybe you should just try out another kind of animal? Just sayin’ 😉

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  3. I had both shots last month and should have good immunity but I find myself naturally distancing from others. I hugged my grandson today and it felt so good but at the same time Covid thoughts were going through my mind. I believe lots of folks will take time to adjust back to normal

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    1. I doubt we will get our first dose before june, but I am really really glad for anyone who had the chance to get theirs! Good for you, Alice 🙂 I have a feeling I’ll have these thoughts too for a while, even when it will be ”safe” to meet with family and friends… As you say, I think most of us won’t be able to switch back to ”normal” mode after spending a whole year on the lookout!

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