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Nothing says ”Happy Valentine’s Day” like…


A very warm bath!

See… A couple of days ago, Chéri came to my office (AKA our bedroom) to tell me that we didn’t have hot water anymore. I thought he just hadn’t let it run long enough, the weather being so cold lately. Unfortunately, Chéri was right, and so it seems like our water heater is slowly dying.

Washing dishes with lukewarm water is meh, but the really annoying thing (especially when the temperature is in the -20s outside) is when you dream about a very warm bath, and you end up dipping in barely tepid water.

So, I thought that today being Valentine’s Day, I should do something special for Chéri. I had ordered a gift for him, but the company conveniently sent me an email last Thursday, to let me know that after aknowledging my order about two weeks ago, they had suddenly noticed that they were back order on the item. Tough luck.

Preparing a surprise, when you live with someone 24/7 in a two bedrooms apartment is almost impossible. My plan was to subtly fill half of the tub with our not-so-warm water, and then boil enough in my biggest cooking pots, to fill the other half. I have two rather large pots, and I did a first experiment, to find out that it took just under 15 minutes to get the water to boil. I then started a back-and-forth routine between the livingroom and the kitchen, emptying the boiling water in the bath, filling the pots and putting them back on the stove, then taking a 15 minutes break. 

Chéri was a good sport, and pretended not to notice anything.

You might think that a hot bath is not the most romantic thing to offer, for Valentine’s Day, and you’re probably right. But after eleven months of one-on-one time, the little gestures often are the ones we appreciate the most. And I think he did enjoy the effort.

And I now understand why, back in the days, mothers prepared only one bath a week, and all their children used the same water to bathe.  

We’re all spoiled brats… We just don’t realize it. 

Have a thought for us, while you enjoy your warm your hot shower/bath today. In the meanwhile, I’ll be working on having our water heater fixed. 

5 thoughts on “Nothing says ”Happy Valentine’s Day” like…

  1. I am lucky that I always have plenty of hot water. In fact I have to be careful and warn visitors because it gets so hot it will burn you. I’ve done the cold showers and carried the boiling water to the tub in our old house in CO. A great gift for Cheri!

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