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Once upon a time…



As you might know, last November, I participated to the NYC Midnight Micro-Fiction Challenge. It was my first writing contest, and even before I learnt that I hadn’t made it to the second round, I subscribed to January’s Short Story Challenge.

I got my assignment on Saturday. I have a week to submit a 2500 word fairy tale story, but my brain is stalled. I spent all afternoon and evening trying to come up with something, with very little success.

It is very frustrating. 

Writing is my way of briefly escaping reality, and it seems like my brain is on strike at the moment. 

It sucks.

I realize that I might have to withdraw from the contest. But if by any miracle, I came up with a story worth submitting, I wondered if any of you Lovelies, would like to proofread it? I would really appreciate it. Just leave a note in the comments if you do…

Now back to the blank page. Who knows… I might manage to find something. 

*Fingers crossed*                                                   


8 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! English is not my mother tongue, so I definately need it, if I don’t want the judges to roll their eyes because of stupid mistakes 😉 I’ll send the story to you as soon as I manage to wrap it up. Again, thank you 🙂 xx


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