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Want snow?


A couple of days back, the weather people got really excited.

Their enthusiasm suggested the blizzard of the century, and a great part of the population started anticipating the snowstorm.

See, usually, when mid-January comes, most Quebecers are absolutely sick of dealing with snow. But we had a record winter this year, and aside from a few unimpressive snowfalls, we didn’t get any of the white stuff. Ironically enough, one of the only activities allowed right now is skiing, so you can imagine the frenzy.

I don’t ski.

But I thought, Good! I’ll be able to virtually send a shitload of snow to all of you Lovelies, that don’t get any! 

I was rather disappointed with Mother Nature. We, Freezinglanders, are used to snowstorms, and this doesn’t even almost qualify as one.

Still, we did get about 20 centimeters, so I took my phone and went out to catch a couple of pictures for you all. In all honesty, it was just a nice way to motivate myself (and my rainbow-butt) to go shovel the balcony, and dig Chéri’s car out of the snowbank.

Because for those of you who wouldn’t know, all snow doesn’t fall equal. There are many types of snow. My favorite one is the dry, weightless and fluffy one. Easy to take care of! But no no no… Today we got the very moist, heavy and sticky kind. Which meant that if I had postponed my shoveling time, and we had gotten a drastic drop of the temperature overnight (and I know Murphy would have made sure that it would have happened), I would have had ultra dense and heavy chunks of ice to get out of my way tomorrow.

But my work is (well) done, and tomorrow, I just might make another walk around the neighbourhood to take pictures of the many many snowmen that probably got built today. Because today’s snow was just perfect for that.

And in the meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy these few shots….



20 thoughts on “Want snow?

      1. Because I live in the 2nd driest state in the country and it’s dependent on the snow and rain (mostly snow) to fill the reservoirs. Without snow, there will probably be a water shortage this summer which is a reason to raise prices.


      1. Haha!! Hmmm… generous of you but I don’t think that will work! LOL!
        I am sure we will get some before winter is over. It seems to be the custom lately. Near the end of winter Mother Nature says Oh No I better wake up and dump some snow!


  1. Wow, this would bring us here in the UK to a standstill if we had that much! I’m quite jealous, some people have had snow here but we’ve not had any yet. I do love snow! But then as I said we can’t cope with it when it comes, so really it’s best it stays away for now, we have enough problems to deal with at the moment!!

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      1. You are absolutely right, Anne 🙂 Decent snow, but nothing compared to what we’re used to… I’m glad you noticed the above ground pool in the video, I told Chéri, when I filmed it, that it was the only colored touch in the otherwise black and white traveling. It almost looked intentioned, but I was just lucky 😛


  2. We got a terrible wind storm last week that thankfully didn’t bring too much snow with it or else we’d still be digging ourselves out of the drifts that would have formed.


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