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Cyranny’s quickie!



Are you the competitive type? If so, in all aspects of your life, or just in specific ones? 


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22 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. It is funny, because a lot of people seem to think that being competitive is a sign of ambition. But sometimes, just being laid back is the winner choice, because you don’t have to deal with all the stress that comes with the competition 😉 Good for you, Sadje xx

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      1. But if I tell you then everyone else will know I am lying, we need to come up with a code word. If you see me say oiseau than I am lying. It will keep me entertained in how to get that into a conversation in English


    1. Oh, I can totally relate to that. It is hard to deal with someone who wants to compete when you don’t. Do you think it’s as annoying to them that you’re not willing to challenge them back? If so, just keep your cool. You’ll drive them crazy 😛


  1. Yes but rationally competitive. I’m not out to destroy myself. But I do compete as a rider although at my age and stage I am only competing with myself as most of the other competitors are 20 years or more younger than me .

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    1. I think you have a good reason to compete, Anne. You have the best partner to compete with (Biasini, of course). And I bet you two kick some of these young(er) butts too. But that’s just my feeling 😉 You and Biasini rock! xx


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