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Cyranny’s quickie!


Do you believe in some kind of afterlife?

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36 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. โค โค โค

    Big question! But from what the scriptures say the answer is stated in terms easy for us to comprehend within the scriptures. Our Creator wants us to understand.

    Life is life – being conscious, awake, able to think, feel, dream, plan, do, make….we have intelligent life which means we can have very rewarding lives and loving relationships.

    The scriptures liken death to being unconscious, asleep, unable to see, hear, think, plan, do or make. (Ecc 9:10)

    However – the scriptures hold out a clear, straightforward and wonderful hope for those who have died – the Greek word used in the Greek Septuagint was "anastasis" literally translated "stand up", but the term resurrection is used in English translations. What that means was demonstrated nine times in the scriptures. People who had lost their lives and gone to sleep in death, who were lifeless, had their life restored. They were brought back to life. One remarkable example is in John Chapter 11. It's an interesting account because some of the religious leaders back then did not believe in the resurrection despite what the scriptures said. When Jesus "woke" Lazarus up after he had died and been buried, those power hungry haughty religious leaders actually planned to murder both Lazarus and Jesus! Which gives you an idea of how some religious figures who have lost sight of the personality of God and his purposes can become pretty scary!

    The scriptures show our Creator intends to restore life to both righteous and unrighteous people who never knew the truth about Him and His wonderful purpose for this earth and the human family. (Acts 24:15)

    A small number of Christ's followers have a different future. As part of God's purpose to undo the damage caused by humans cruelly dominating each other and abusing planet and animals – our Creator has promised his own Kingdom government. (Dan 2:44) For thousands of years people looked forward to the arrival of the Messiah, or Christ (Isa 11:10-10) – who would be God's chosen ruler, the appointed King, who would shepherd and care for mankind, adopting them (after Adam forsook them). (Rom 5:6-21) It was only when Christ walked the earth that he made clear a special aspect of the Kingdom arrangement. Some humans would be chosen to become spirit creatures, rather than material creatures, and they would become Kings in the Kingdom government. They will rule alongside Christ in restoring mankind and this planet to fulfil the Creator's original purpose – for this beautiful planet to thrive like paradise – and for all it's creatures to dwell in peace. (Matt 5:5 / Psalm 72:7)

    One of my favourite passages of the scriptures is in Revelation 21:4 when our future is described as a time when God will have wiped every tear from our eyes – death will be no more, neither grief or pain.

    The scriptures answer many other questions people ask –
    – why do humans die to begin with?
    – if our Creator intends to restore life in the future, why does he not just prevent death now?
    – why does our Creator allow suffering, disease, injustice and abuse?
    – why do only some rule as Kings in heaven?
    – why will the "unrighteous" – those who have done bad things be resurrected?
    – when will our Creator restore life to those who have died?
    – what are spirit creatures and can they communicate with us?
    – are all spirit creatures good?
    – do some spirit creatures they mislead mankind today?

    One pivotal scripture that I often think of when I think about all the family and friends who lost their battle to health problems or were in tragic accidents and whom I am longing to hold in my arms, is how does our Creator feel about those who have died? Job 14:15 tells us that our Creator longs for those who have died to be restored to life, we may well imagine that He grew close to many people who have drawn close to God – Abraham, Jonathan, Daniel and Hannah are some of the special people whose lives were remarkable, and whose loyal love to their Creator and their hope in the ruler that would be provided to bring real peace to this earth and sweep clean the earth of corruption and wickedness. I am sure He longs to see them full of life again. How they will be fascinated to know how all of the prophecies in the scriptures about how human rulership would develop were fulfilled.

    One thing the scriptures make clear is that for those who are judged wicked and beyond change even after God's Kingdom has fixed all injustices – the punishment that awaits those who are hard hearted and refuse to live in harmony with the rest of Creation is permanent death – or death without the prospect of waking up. Our Creator would never torment people eternally. Neither would a father whose child disobeyed him burn their child's hand in a fireplace. Our Creator is loving and He wants to heal the human family and restore what Adam threw away for the human family. He only wants to rule by love – not by fear.

    Sadly, many religions have obscured His personality and His wonderful purpose for humans in a maze of confusing and contradictory doctrines. However. the scriptures are available in thousands of languages – in the first language of 98% of people today. Far more widespread than any other human book, or anything on the internet – people everywhere on this planet know that God's Kingdom is the solution to all our problems – it alone will remedy the issues that human governments are not able to. Jesus forecast that as humans advanced to worse behaviour and committed unthinkable crimes, that there would be an increase in suffering – wars, crimes, diseases, selfishness and yet at the same time he promised in Matthew 24:14 that the good news about the Kingdom would be preached in every nation. The theme of his message when on earth was God's Kingdom as the only solution to mankind's woes.

    We are all looking forward to the end of war, crime, pollution, disease, abuse – as promised in the scriptures, but on a deeply personal note, many of us are especially longing to see our loved ones back with us! (John 5:28,29)

    I have a list of all the people I am longing to see and I think I have thousands of things I want to tell them – most of all is how much I missed them!!

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    1. Wow, that’s quite a reflexion on the subject! I admire your extended knowledge of the scriptures… I too have a long list of people I can’t wait to be reunited with if there’s something beyond this life on Earth. ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


      1. I just looked back at the comments – sorry mine was hardly a quickie was it!!!
        The first time I encountered death was at the age of 5. Some very close friends of ours were killed in a road accident – ice roads, lorry lost control skidded and ploughed into them. I had lots of questions as well as tears. I read the Bible for the first time – the entire Bible – within a few months. I was absolutely amazed by it. It was incredible to me. I have re-read it many times since. It has shone a light on people, the world, the future – and I have just watched as the things it says have come true and happened before my eyes.


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