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Sunset in Danish…

The sun is about to set on 2020. For a lot of us, it will be a year to forget… To leave behind. To bury or throw away, or burn down.

I am puzzled, as this year is coming to an end. Of course, Chéri and I have confined ourselves to our apartment for the past ten months or so… Of course we’ve been faced with covid-19 (Chéri’s sister and mother are fighting the disease as I type this). 

But still… 

Just before we dived into this worldwide maelstrom, we had the chance to make one of the most amazing trip of our life. We traveled to the other end of the planet. We’ve met amazing people, been awesome places, experienced wonderful times.

Was it a lost year? I think not. 

Let’s just hope the next will be one we most appreciate for our newly regained liberty. 

If we work together, I believe we will get a little normalty back. Soon.

Soon. After the sun sets…


8 thoughts on “Solnedgang…

  1. I miss traveling as well. The last trip we took was back to Ohio for my mom’s funeral in 2019. We used to travel the week of our anniversary (Thanksgiving week) but stopped due to her poor health. Certainly would like to do more – even if only around the US at first. Still have lots to see.

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    1. I always said that my parents have given me migrating birds’ genes. We moved pretty much every other year, when I was a child, and they took us abroad at a young age. Now I get the call for foreign places with each new year… And 2021 is not looking good so far… *Fingers crossed*

      I want to go back to Denmark!!!!


  2. My thoughts are with David’s family. Hope they’ll be okay. Wishing you both well and remembering with fondness our time together (just wrote about it on my last post!) Cheers to a brighter 2021 my friend. 🥂

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    1. Thank you Miriam… David’s sister is doing a little better, but his mother started having symptoms. We’re wishing for the best. I’ve seen that you didn’t get any case in a couple of months in Victoria. Good for you!! Hang in there… We’ll beat this dang virus, one way or another… Love ya!! xx

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    1. Chéri’s sister is recovering… But his mum is getting more symptoms. Arrgh, dang virus. We’re waiting for news. At least we didn’t have any contact with them after their infection. *Bizoux*

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