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Blacks and whites
Blending into greys…
Winter’s quite the mystery,
Wouldn’t you say?
Trying to grasp
The very soul of the storm,
Riding on the highway
Far away from home…
Staring the beast in the eyes,
As it might occur.
I suddenly feel uncannily familiar
With that untamed blur…


6 thoughts on “Blur…

  1. This pic brings back memories of driving all over Ohio, following our girls to sporting events. Our oldest was in the band while the youngest was a cheerleader. The year the boys basketball team went deep in the tournaments, was terribly bad weather wise. Much snow, ice, wind, very cold temps, extremely bad driving conditions.

    This pic makes me shiver at the thought of having to drive in those conditions again.

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    1. I can totally understand, Hokey. For us, it is (almost) business as usual for this time of the year, but it’s still always worrying to drive in these conditions. Good to know that it would take a major tantrum from Mother Nature to make you go through something similar this Winter 😉 Keep warm, safe and well, my friend xx


    1. Thank you Candice 🙂 Hehehehe yes, I think that we got your leftovers 😛 I’m glad the card got to you in time! It’s not much, but it always from the heart. Especially this year, knowing that most of us can’t celebrate with our families and friends 🙂 Here’s to a promising 2021! xx

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