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Prank you very much!


Christmas and New Year’s Eve have now been cancelled here, in Québec. Well, the large family gatherings have. Which doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate from a distance.

I suck at online shopping. Unless I know exactly what I want to buy, I just end up with 20 browser pages open on different store’s websites, and I get lost, annoyed, irritated, and I quit.

Chéri, on the other hand, is a natural online shopper. He comes up with the most original stuff, even if he wasn’t searching for them. The Internets really like him, so I usually let him do his thing, agree to buy when he finds one of his little gems, and then split the costs with him.

For this (weird) Christmas, we wanted to bring a little more fun into the unwrapping of our presents. And Chéri came up with an online shop that sells funny boxes and fake gift certificates. I was a little doubtful. I thought they would probably look cheap, but we gave it a try anyway…

And I’m glad we did, because the boxes are AwEsOmE! If you like a good prank, just visit Prako’s website here.

Here are the three boxes we chose…

First, the Coffee-Talkies:



Then the Spit & Slider:



And last but not least, the Earwax Candle Kit!



I bet some people are going to be relieved when they find out what their real gifts are… LOL

8 thoughts on “Prank you very much!

  1. Hi Sis! These are awesome! I would be disappointed if the box contents were not what was advertised on the outside.

    This is one of those things where I think, “Dang … I wish I’d come up with that idea.”

    I hope you’re doing well through all the craziness.


  2. LOL Your French is showing lovie. Internets. he he he he I love it. I could hear your voice chattering away and getting more and more agitated in a goofy way about how all the websites are conspiring against you and yet are placid and bountiful with cherie. (I cannot do the accent on my laptop) I was giggling. I hope that all is well and my shifts on Fridays are changing now to 8:30-5 unless things really pick up with curbside. Then off at 3:30. I do want to come and participate but it is hard for me. I worry that I look and sound an idiot. Which is ridiculous I know. Anyways ran away with your comment section. Working on this flaw within. Tis hard though. 🙂


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