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Happy Birthday!


Today was Chéri’s 40th birthday.

Needless to say that 2020 isn’t a year of choice to celebrate a special turning older. As a matter of fact, ”celebration” is a bit of an overstatement. On top of pandemic restrictions, Chéri was working from 2 pm until midnight, which didn’t allow us to enter real party mode.

So we kept things simple.

Chéri is 40 years old, after all. Which is funny, and I am almost jealous, in a way. See, the translation of beginning your 40s in French is ”frapper la quarantaine”. ”Quarantaine” both meaning forties, and quarantine. You can roll your eyes all you want. I still find it funny.

And both Chéri and Little Bro will get a custom made t-shirt with the play of words sooner than later… (Because, yes, Little Bro is also turning 40 next week. And I am not throwing him a party either, no worries)

But I felt bad… A couple of years back, I had an awesome 40th birthday party.

So I spent the evening in the kitchen and cooked a roast beef with fondant leeks. And since neither Chéri nor I have a sweet tooth, instead of a cake that would have gone to waste, I made rice pudding. Cheap call? Maybe, but recently we agreed that it was one of the only desserts we both really enjoyed.

It turned out very well…

It’s just a shame that candles won’t sit straight on top of it. And there’s no way I could have put 40 of them for Chéri to blow out.

Oh well…  I’ll do better next year.

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you, Basil! We are both so grateful we found you on our way… Even if Chéri’s condition is nowhere near as bad as yours, it is very comforting to know that we can reach out to you when in doubt.

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