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June 3rd 1991…


The Earth is angry. You can tell it by its raging pulse making the mountain beat like a bass drum… People, foolish, still crawling around, attracted by the growling ground, wanting the best point of view, oblivious to nature’s up coming fury.

The clouds… Growing high and dark in the skies. One last warning meeting a deaf ear.

Men taunting Mother Nature, walking just a bit closer. Like moths around a flickering flame. No reason prevailing, people like ants at the feet of the giant, hypnotized by the magnifying glass above their heads.

First row seats for the apocalypse.

Suddenly, earth’s belly cracks open. No needle can measure the violence, all hell’s breaking loose. Rocks, ashes and lava running down the hill like a thousand fire wild horses, crushing everything they meet under their red hot burning hooves.

Too late to run.

Did they realize how alive they were, just before it hit them? Their hearts beating like never before… Torn between intense excitement and pure terror. Did he grab her hand? Did he hold it one last time, as the wave blew them into oblivion?

We’ll never know.

When Nature calms down again, all that is left is the sobbing of the survivors in the silence of the grey valley of death. All is gone, covered by the spilled searing volcano guts. All is gone, for good, on a land never to be tamed again.

Nature has spoken. Mankind has lost.

Three years ago, after watching the documentary ”Facing the Killer Volcano”, I wrote this post. I remembered it yesterday night, while chatting with the most Fabulous Trina, and I felt it deserved a second chance.

”Facing the Killer Volcano” is about the major eruption of mount Unzen, in Japan, and the death of two major French vulcanologists; Katia and Maurice Krafft. 

Here’s the trailer of the documentary;

You can visit the original post here

3 thoughts on “June 3rd 1991…

  1. Great post – glad you revived it. I just don’t understand people that don’t respect nature. When we have hurricanes here, idiots go out and try to surf on the waves kicked up by the wind; or think they can ‘ride out’ the storm as if it’s just another wild horse to ride. When I was on the fire department, I hated those people who didn’t pay attention to warnings.

    Or you have the idiots who get out of their cars to feed the buffalo in Yellowstone. Those beast weigh as much as their cars, and aren’t know to play nice at times.. Stay the hell away from them!!

    “Pay attention kiddies, o’ momma gonna whip yo’ ass.”


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