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Do we look that stupid?


I enjoy technology (when it works)… It allows me to have fun video chats with people all around the planet, and to get (not so) important information like ”How many chicken can fit in 1 cu.ft.?” within a couple of seconds.

Which is all good.

But I hate it when people (try to) use technology to challenge my intelligence.

The sign on the above picture translates into ”Note to our customers! Our shopping carts will get immobilized, if carried out of the mall’s parking lot.” Implying that if I tried to push one of these carts all the way home, it would roll like a charm in the parking lot, but the wheels would magically get blocked on the sidewalk.

Say whut??

Most of these carts’ wheels can’t even roll straight, and 9 out of 10 times I use one, I keep cursing at that flip floping wheel that makes hellish screeching sounds. And they would want me to believe that they’ve implanted a fancy device that can keep people from stealing stupid shopping carts?

Put a warning sign that cart stealers will be reported to the police. At least, I’ll be tempted to think that someone might be checking on the carts through security cameras…

If this sign significantly reduced the cart thefts, I give up. Mankind will not make it through another century.


7 thoughts on “Do we look that stupid?

  1. I’m confused by the stop sign and arrow as well? If it’s indicating a one way street isn’t the stop sign facing the wrong direction? If not a one way street then what is it pointing to?


  2. This post qualifies for Paula Light’s “Monday Peeve”. And sadly enough? Yes, we ARE that stupid. I never saw the sense in stealing a shopping cart in the first place, especially now when who knows what germs might reside on the thing, but I suppose if I were homeless, it’d be a rather nifty mobile way to keep whatever belongings I do have in one place and transportable. . We have those kind of warning signs up here to, but I notice that the determined homeless person doesn’t care and still (presumably) steals a cart now and then. I bet the damned wheels DO roll too, perhaps it is meant as psychological warfare?


  3. perhaps someone was being sarcastic as in “the cart can’t bring itself back to this wonderful store that overcharges for everything then annoys the heck out of you shoppers by putting up stupid signs”??


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