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Mr Frost is back!


It was meant to happen.

We’ve been spoiled with an amazing summer, and I believe that Mr Frost heard about it. He probably thought ”Oh, you guys had a nice summer, eh? Let me scrap your warm and fuzzy memories!”

Now he’s back.

And taking a (rare) walk to the convenience store, I came across him.

I know he’s just the work of a couple of kids (hopefully from the same family), but he still seemed to mean to tell me to forget about Christmas. Because yes, our government has just allowed us to attend two parties of a maximum of ten people each, between the 24th and the 27th of December. With a peak of 1464 cases today, I doubt that would be reasonable.

This is probably just a snowman… But I take it as a warning.

Then again, after eight months of staying home 99% of the time, I might have become a tid bit paranoid.

”Stay home” he said… Or was that just my inner voice?

12 thoughts on “Mr Frost is back!

  1. We made one of those the other day in the backyard and it melted two days later. Weather is nuts. If we’re competing, Ontario had over 1800 cases yesterday–think we’ll be celebrating Xmas just the three of us here, sadly but safely.

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    1. Weather IS totally nuts! We’re now expecting 15 C next Tuesday (?!?).

      We tried our best yesterday, but still roofed at just under 1500 cases. How are you doing it?? We were so much better during the first wave… Montréal was Canada’s epicenter, for dang’s sake!

      Jokes aside, I’m planning a Christmas for two. There’s no way numbers are going to be low enough in 3 weeks. And I’m not taking any risks with either my parents’ or Chéri’s health. We can always throw big parties next year, when most of this is behind us!

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