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A cluckin’ good deal…


Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chéri and I have had our groceries delivered to our door.

It has its ups and downs.

For one thing, it a little bit like a lotery, every week. Because ordering stuff doesn’t mean that it will make it home. Sometimes the items missing are not a big surprise ( back in April, I think we ordered toilet paper 3 weeks in a row without getting any… But no worries, we still had some in my stash).

Other times, something not that popular is suddenly back order. For no apparent reason (unless you’ve heard about Canadians going crazy for Dijon mustard??)

Occasionally, the grocery store will give us a subtitute when it can’t provide us with what we wanted.

Chéri came to my office this morning (aka our bedroom), to show me our confirmation for tonight’s delivery.


We had ordered a pack of four chicken breasts. The packages were back order, so instead, it seems like we’ll be getting 945 packs of two breasts each! For 26,03$!


That’s just a little over a cent per breast!

As much as I appreciate the deal, I am a bit disappointed that we’ll have to rush to buy a HUGE freezer to preserve all that meat.

And I think it is fair to say that it’s the last time we order chicken meat.


P.S. If we really get that shitload of chicken, I’ll add a video. That’s a promise!

15 thoughts on “A cluckin’ good deal…

  1. I am trying to work out how many freezers you would need to store that…..
    ….or you could visit all of your neighbours, and extended neighbours and tell them you care so you thought you would express your neighborly love with chicken breasts?

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    1. LOL, I have found a (questionable) website that states that you can fit 4 whole chickens in 1 cu.ft. I’m thinking one whole chicken is probably comparable to a pack of 5 or six breasts… Let’s say 6. That means that I could fit about 130 breasts in a 21,7 cu.ft. freezer (that seems like a big one). Knowing that I have 1890 breasts to stock, that means 14,54 freezers. I doubt stores sell half-freezers, so that means 15 of these large freezers. So technically, if I found a way to stack them, I ”could” store all this chicken meat. But I am under the impression that I’d run out of original ideas to cook it before emptying the first freezer, so yeah…

      I think I’ll go for your second idea 😛

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