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Good Samaritan… – FFFC




Waiting on the side of the road, she cursed at herself for never investing in a car, even a cheap one, back when she had a job…

It wasn’t that cold outside, but she was freezing, on the side of the road. With the fog combined to the draft from the cars passing only a couple of feet away from her, it seemed like the chills that made her whole body shiver dug  down to her very bones.

She looked up to the schedule again, and checked her phone to discover that the bus was already two minutes late.

There were quite a lot of cars, despite the very early hour. Maybe the bus driver had just been caught in traffic, and she’d soon be able to warm up, while being driven downtown. With a little luck, she even might get a seat for the short trip.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice notice the car slowing down, until it stopped in front of her. She hesitated before walking to the door. The window rolled down, revealing a friendly smiling face behind the wheel.

Hello there! Didn’t you hear the news, on the radio? The city bus drivers are on strike this morning… Hop in! I’m in no rush, I’ll give you a ride!

She wasn’t the kind to take a stranger’s lift, but she couldn’t afford to be late. The middle-aged man insisted, and she agreed, hoping she wasn’t making a big mistake.

Soooo… Where can I take you?

Again, she hesitated.

St-Mary’s Hospital… Please.

Her good Samaritan waited a bit before asking.

Are you visiting a loved one?

She squeezed her bag tightly against her stomach, not really wanting to answer.

No… I’m going for me. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Today’s my second appointment for chemo-therapy…



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

7 thoughts on “Good Samaritan… – FFFC

    1. Thank you Fandango. You pick amazing pictures for this challenge, and this one was no exception. I was going for the suspicious lift at first, but I thought it was a little predictable 😛 I’m happy you enjoyed your reading 🙂

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